Artiste invitée, Genève

Virginie Morillo is a story teller. Stories which make us laugh, invite us to dream, but what she likes more is to drag us into fear. She revisits and recreates scenes from tales, in which she places her alter-ego as the trouble maker. Meanwhile the spectator is forced to ask himself who the real monster might be…

The combination of seduction and repulsion join a surealistic tradition which Virginie Morillo tries to establish with the spectator. However one takes a closer look at her whole researches, despite the diversity of the mediums (photography, drawing, sculpture, video, installation, fashion…) is perfectly coherent and reveals a work structured in a performative manner really well succeeded. Her body is both the real medium and the main subject of her work. It is the essence of the stories that she tells. In the same way as dummies are used for crash test, she uses her doubles who she put in situation to observe herself and to attempt to understand better the story of her life. She gives the keys to one who wants to seize the occasion to go across the other side of her mirror.

Text by David de Tscharner

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Samedi à 20:30

Le ballet chaotique qu’orchestrera l’artiste Virginie Morillo prendra les airs d’une procession ultime. Une alliance de cuir et de soie d’où la poussière se sublimera en nuages. Sous l’étendard alors libéré, nous parviendront les chants apocalyptiques des moteurs de ce memento mori. Défilé rutilant de cavaliers aux visages multiples, ceux du Cerbère de la plaine célébrant la nuit, indomptable et infernale.

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